We are a community of life-long learners dedicated to renewable growth and our interdependent relationship with nature, cultivating the spirit of inquiry and creativity through which each member engages in dynamic, self-driven, experiential learning.

Our school is located on a large coffee farm and cultural center called Finca La Azotea, in the beautiful city of Antigua Guatemala.

Immersed in and in harmony with nature, as our home and teacher.

Cultivating the curiosity, inquiry, creativity, and love for learning of each child.

Guided by the environment, motivated by curiosity and passion, leading change.

Working towards a sustainable and regenerative future

Our Path

From our humble beginnings as a small, home-based kindergarten, we have grown one grade level every year in order to sustainably expand into a full pre-K to 12th program. We are very proud to be leading progressive innovation of education here in Guatemala.

Our campus is located on a 70-acre coffee farm called Finca La Azotea, in the stunning and historic UNESCO World Heritage town of Antigua, Guatemala. It is the perfect setting to allow children to connect with the natural world by spending time in beautiful, safe and healthy surroundings.

Our classrooms are built with windows and doors on all sides to be filled with natural light and so that the transition from the interior to the exterior is seamless, inviting children to enjoy the benefits of interacting with nature throughout their entire school day.


3 Pillars of Sustainability

We conceive of sustainability as a coherent and consistent orientation towards longevity, well-being, integrity, and renewable growth. The creative solutions that are needed for cultivating longevity and regeneration require an innovative and inquisitive spirit. Deepawareness of all three pillars of sustainability is fundamentally important to understanding, action, and change.

Personal growth, development, physical and emotional health and well-being precede the capacity to be of service to others and to have a positive impact on one’s external world. Continuous and wide-ranging learning over the trajectory of our lives is a major facet of this growth. For this reason, we believe auto-didacticism -- or the capacity to research, learn, investigate, explore, and discover on one’s own -- is a critical skill for the children and youth of the 21st century.

Our Communities

Each individual of Antigua Green School participates in multiple ecological and cultural communities, from closer-knit communities such as our classrooms and school community to the broadest of communities -- our planet Earth. Each of these communities is characterized by common values, aspirations, and cultures that we must sustain, innovate, and build upon through meaningful contribution. wider circles of communities.

Our Planet

We believe that each of our community members has an important role and responsibility in sustaining and renewing biodiversity and cultural diversity, the planet’s many natural riches and resources, healthy ecosystems, and the recognition and celebration of our interdependence with nature and with each other.

Our Values

Our values indicate the ‘why’ of Antigua Green School. They guide our pedagogical and institutional practices and decision-making.


creativity, curiosity, inquiry, and innovation

joyfulness and well-being





multiplicity of perspectives

meaningful contribution

inclusive diversity


active and constructive citizenship

responsibility, independence, and interdependence

informed engagement advocacy

Please contact us at info@antiguagreenschool.edu.gt