General information

Antigua Green School looks forward to the future while learning valuable practices from the past to create a learning environment that addresses the right now. We blend our curriculum to emphasize natural curiosity and developmental potential in our younger grades with a rigorous, internationally-accredited course of study in the upper grades. By graduating from Antigua Green School, our students have the analytical skill, reflective practice, academic confidence, and self-motivation essential for tomorrow’s global leaders.



Montessori (Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary)

Dr. Maria Montessori was a doctor and teacher and her Montessori method of childhood development is used in schools around the world for over 100 years. Antigua Green School identifies Montessori as our guide to provide an enriching, child-centered environment with bilingual, mixed-age classrooms. Given the opportunity to express themselves, children are full of potential and naturally kind, peaceful, and motivated. We emphasize that each child develops at their own pace as independent, thoughtful lifelong learners. These supportive, carefully-constructed environments help children to develop positive self-images while recognizing that they are important contributors in a larger community. The Montessori method is a proven model that has produced some of the world’s greatest business, education, and social leaders, and remains relevant with its applicability to individual children rather than a boxed-in approach. Antigua Green School embraces Montessori practices to allow each of our students to thrive in their natural world and gain the skills to succeed in their entire school career.

Cambridge (Middle School & High School)

Cambridge International is part of the world-leading University of Cambridge, based in Engliand. Antigua Green School uses the Cambridge International program from grade six onwards. We initially focus on Math, Science, English and Technology during Cambridge Lower Secondary (grade 6,7, and 8) before studying Cambridge Upper Secondary (grades 9 and 10) and Cambridge Advanced Levels (grades 11 and 12). The programs are designed to prepare students for life, helping them to develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning. It helps students become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged/ it leaves them ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world and capable of shaping a better world for the future

There are five key elements at the heart of the Cambridge International program:

  1. International curriculum:  The international curriculum offers students a wide range of subjects and the flexibility to develop their own something relevant and important to their futures

  2. Teaching and learning:  Cambridge provides professional development for teachers to help improve their performance and encourage students to reflect on their learning.

  3. Assessment:  The assessments are fair, valid and practical and recognized and valued across the global community of employers and universities. :  

  4. International recognition:  As students acquire knowledge and skills essential for success in university and elsewhere, they can be confident that their qualifications will be understood and valued in their home country and internationally.

  5. Global community:  Every year, nearly a million Cambridge learners from 10,000 schools in 160 countries prepare for their future with an international education from Cambridge.


Cambridge is a natural extension of Montessori that our students develop and thrive in their thinking, reflection, and self-determination. With this combination, Antigua Green School students enter the wider world uniquely prepared to succeed in any environment, whether academic, social, or business.  

Guatemala National Curriculum

The National Curriculum Base (CNB) of the Ministry of Education of Guatemala was developed by the Ministry of Education and is a competency-based curriculum initiated in 2004. The CNB is a 40 volume curriculum based on a European educational design. The Green School curriculum is designed to meet all of the requirements of the CNB and our students are registered legally in Guatemala, in addition to their Cambridge certifications, our students will graduate with a diploma certified by the Ministry of Education in Guatemala.