Antigua Green School is a PreK - 12 school registered with the Guatemalan Ministry of Education. It is also the only recognized Cambridge International School in Guatemala.

We believe in the power of CURIOSITY AND INQUIRY as a natural motivating force behind children’s engaged learning. Through intentionally designed Units of Inquiry that align content, skill-building, life-long competencies and transdisciplinary learning experiences, our students delve deeply into enduring understanding of concepts of environmental and social sustainability that our community considers important.

We are commited to offering a unique educational experience that optimizes the potential for each student to pursue a fulfilling life.

Educational Experience

Cultivate advocacy and activism for nature, planetary well-being, social justice, the community, and the self.

Exposure to and deep understanding of issues of sustainability and regeneration, inspiring and empowering collective responsibility for understanding, protecting, and advocating for oneself, nature, the community, and the planet.

Provides myriad opportunities to explore, create, inquire, and innovate as an individual and as a group.

Participatory, democratic, collaborative, and relational.

Honors deep awareness and diverse ways of learning and knowing, including multiple perspectives.

Promotes informed engagement (understanding, action, and change-making).

Engaged, motivating, challenging.

Joyful, fulfilling, meaningful.

Holistic, flexible, dynamic.


Accessible and inclusive.


We believe in the powerful learning that happens between students as they scaffold deeper levels of understanding. As such, our school thrives on a structure that groups 2 or 3 grade levels into Learning Cycles.

Each child is able to progress at their own pace, creating a HARMONIOUS AND COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT rather than a competitive one.

Learning Cycles

Through sixth grade, children gather in three-year learning cycles that allow them to learn from each other in a natural and familial way. Upon entering Secondary, our students are grouped into two-year learning cycles in order to be able to focus on their more specialized learning and prepare for Cambridge examinations according to the same calendar, i.e. at the end of 8th, 10th, and 12th grade.

Curiosity Room Children 1-3 years old

Children cultivate their natural curiosity and inquiry in the Curiosity Room.

Exploration Room Children 4-6 years old

Children cultivate their natural drive to explore and discover in the Exploration Room. This includes the equivalent of kindergarten (know as ‘preparatorio’ or ‘prepa) in the Guatemalan system, the year in which our young students prepare for more formal learning.

Elementary Starting at 7 years old

Children join the three-year Lower Elementary Learning Cycle. This is the equivalent of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade within the Guatemalan primary education system.

At 9 years old, children join the three-year Upper Elementary Learning Cycle. This is the equivalent of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade within the Guatemalan primary education system.

Secondary Pionner, Voyager and Phoenix

Secondary students, divided into two-year learning cycles called Pioneer, Voyager, and Phoenix, pursue a rigorous program of bilingual studies that seamlessly fuses the Guatemalan CNB and Cambridge international standards. All Pioneer students prepare for the Cambridge Checkpoint exams in core subject areas, while all Voyager students prepare for a more specialized selection of Cambridge IGCSE exams. At the Phoenix level, students will have the option whether to pursue Cambridge A-Level exams in addition to the Guatemalan diploma.

Our graduate profile describes our hopes and dreams for our students, upon completion of their studies at Antigua Green School and into their long and fulfilling lives.

  • Strong sense of self, identity, and purpose
  • Intentional/deliberate
  • Confident and resilient
  • Joyful, happy, fulfilled
  • Auto-didact and self-motivated, dedicated, disciplined, persistent, passionate and active in pursuing their dreams
  • Adventurous
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Inquisitive, analytical, critical thinkers and problem-solvers
  • Skillful life-long learner and grower, creative, curious, and innovative
  • Active citizens, collaborators, and related/connected
  • Deeply aware, informed, engaged, mindful, conscientious, present (including short- and long-term impact)
  • Positive, constructive
  • Responsible
  • Adaptable, versatile
  • Appreciative
  • Honest
  • Bi-/multi-lingual and communicative
  • Committed to leading and advocating for nature, planetary well-being, social justice, their communities, and themselves
  • Committed to sustainability and regeneration (of themselves, their ecological and cultural communities, and our planet), collective responsibility for understanding, protecting, and advocating for ourselves, nature, the community, and the planet
  • Well-rounded, multi-faceted, open-minded, non-judgmental, inclusive, empathic, compassionate
  • Independent and autonomous, positively interdependent
  • Ethical, respectful of living beings and nature, environmentally conscientious, socially responsible

Units of Inquiry

Intentionally designed focus of inquiry that align content, skill-building, life-long competencies and transdisciplinary learning experience.


  • Concepts
  • Competencies


4 annual themes, drawing from 2-3 Learning Cycle Clusters of focus


  • Guatemala CNB
  • Cambridge

Why Cambridge?

Our promise is a true BILINGUAL ENVIRONMENT with dual immersion English/Spanish classrooms, where each student is an active participant in their development as creative, analytical, and self-motivated learners. Students apply these skills to the internationally-recognized Cambridge exams and prepare for success in a multicultural, global community.


Please contact us at info@antiguagreenschool.edu.gt