Green Camp

Green Camp offers a fun, adventurous, and educational experience for children during school vacations twice a year (June-July and November-December). Green Camp creates the exciting atmosphere for campers to learn the basics of environmental care, sustainability, community care, and leadership. Our camp programs are aimed at exploring and enhancing environmental awareness, self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork. The children are given opportunities to reflect on ways they may bring their newfound insights and skills into their everyday lives, into their homes, and to the greater community as well. Our approach focuses on learning-through-experience and working together. Therefore we also work together with local companies, businesses, projects and NGOs, who work towards more environmental and community openness, awareness, and sustainability.

Green Camp is open to all children in our Antigua community and from around the world and takes place at the Antigua Green School, which is magnificently located within the lush groves of  La Azotea Coffee Farm, on the north side of Antigua.

Green Camp Summer Session: 17th of June – 26th of July 2019 (6 weekly sessions)

Green Camp Winter Session: TBD

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Welcome to Green Camp…

Green Camp is a bilingual day camp immersed in nature for children ages 3-15 years. Children and youth experience learning in a natural environment, focusing on Adventure, Leadership, Gardening, Music & Arts, Permaculture, Photography, Games, Nature Studies, and Sports. Through many different educative and adventurous activities, our teachers and instructors instill a deeper appreciation for our planet while also instructing children in the arts, sports, games and Spanish and English language skills.

Today’s children are living in a world full of televisions, smartphones, and other technology that are constantly exposing them to fast-paced, digital content. They are often driven from home to school and then from one activity to the next where every second of their lives is planned and monitored by an adult. They are living modern lives in a hyper controlled, constructed environment without the opportunity to get outside and explore our natural world. Part of the Antigua Green School philosophy is that every child, adolescent and adult should have the opportunity to interact and learn from our natural surroundings. Green Camp is designed to give children an opportunity to learn experientially, in a safe, structured and natural environment.

Only as a child’s awareness and reverence for the wholeness of life are developed can his humanity to his own kind reach its full development.  

-Rachel Carson