Green Camp

Green Camp offers a fun, adventurous, educational, and inclusive activities during vacations for students from schools all around Antigua. Green Camp creates the atmosphere for campers to learn the basics of environmental care, sustainability, community care and leadership. Our camp programs are aimed at exploring and enhancing environmental awareness, self-confidence, leadership and teamwork. The children are given opportunities to reflect on ways they may bring their newfound insights and skills back home and to the community as well. Our approach focuses on learning through-experience and working together, including local businesses, projects, and NGOs.


Green Club

Green Club offers a full range of extracurricular, after school activities for students from schools all around Antigua. This is an opportunity to interact with and learn from peers who come from different backgrounds, all in the safety of the Antigua Green School grounds. Sports, arts, handicrafts, and skill-building are all offered for anyone looking for an enriching environment in a beautiful natural setting.


Sports and Recreation

At the Antigua Green School, our students are as physically active as they are mentally active. Our every day sports include soccer, volleyball or basketball, where students learn how to work together as a team and have the opportunity to compete with other schools in the Antigua area.


In addition, students have access to several miles of bike trails through the 70-acre La Azotea farm, where they learn to ride and to enjoy being outside on their bikes. There are also stables that house 40 horses, and interested students can take riding lessons and learn to take care of these beautiful animals.