About the School

  • We are the first accredited Cambridge International School in Guatemala
  • Our curriculum blends a child centered education, based on the principles of Maria Montessori, with the rigorous Cambridge International curriculum.
  • We are at the heart of a move towards a more sustainable Antigua by recognizing our ability to leave a lasting positive impact both locally and globally
  • We are a diverse community of Guatemalan and International families who work together to foster open communication, establish mutual respect, and encourage independent thought

Antigua Green School provides a challenging bilingual, dual-immersion education that supports the intellectual, social, and emotional maturity essential for personal and academic success. Our unique approach respects a child’s natural curiosity while developing the skills and competencies to operate effectively on a global stage. With our home on Finca La Azotea, our students interact with their natural environment as they creatively and critically examine issues affecting our community, our country, and our planet.


Antigua Green School inspires children to explore, examine, and develop the skills and knowledge to be responsible, interactive citizens of our global community.


Antigua Green School is unique in our commitment to our students and community with an international education that embraces creativity, values innovation, and creates opportunity to excel in any situation.


Antigua Green School (formerly known as Oxford Montessori) was founded in 2010 by Bryant Hand, who served as the school’s Director from 2010 to 2018. He and his associate, Joseph Turton, began the school after speaking to several parents in the community who were looking for a more progressive and internationally competitive education for their children. The school continued to grow as the result of the collaborative efforts of the children, parents and educators in the Antigua community.
In 2014, Ricardo Pokorny, whose son attended Oxford Montessori, invited Bryant and Joseph to move the school to purpose built facilities on Ricardo’s beautiful organic coffee farm and cultural center, La Azotea. Together they envisioned a school that would build on the progressive education offered by the Montessori, a place where children would learn from their natural surroundings and become leaders in a movement towards a more sustainable world. The school was renamed Antigua Green School to reflect this vision.

Antigua Green School has evolved into a rich educational environment based on the Montessori philosophy, immersed in the natural beauty of the farm, and certified and accredited at all levels as a Cambridge International School.  As we continue to open one new grade each year, we look forward to celebrating our first graduating class in 2022. Green School students graduate with their Guatemalan Diploma in one hand and their Cambridge International A-Level Certifications in the other, which prepares each of our graduates with exceptional qualifications to attend top universities around the world.

La Azotea

La Azotea farm was originally known for growing conchineal, an insect used in making red dye. The invention of chemical dyes eventually collapsed the conchineal industry. In 1883, Doña Dominga Mont purchased the farm and her son-in-law, Don Marcelo Orive, converted it to cultivate coffee. The farm and the coffee mill are still operated by don Alberto’s grandchildren who, in the year 2000, converted part of the farm to a museum complex: Centro Cultural La Azotea. La Azotea Coffee Farm and Museums, are a well know name in Antigua Guatemala, for its high quality coffee, its traditions, and its commitment to the preservation of Guatemalan culture.

The Cultural Center

A sprawling coffee farm that bridges the Antigua and Jocotenango communities, La Azotea features a complex of three museums. The Museo del Café covers the history and process of coffee cultivation; the Casa K’ojom holds a superb collection of traditional Maya musical instruments, masks, paintings and other artifacts; and the Rincón de Sacatepéquez displays the traditional dress and crafts of the Antigua valley’s original inhabitants.

The Future

Three Year Strategic Goals (2017-2019)

Perspective: Antigua Green School will prepare our students for success in a rapidly-changing world that demands independent thought and accountability by promoting the respect, responsibility, and self-motivation essential in tomorrow’s leaders. As a school committed to our student’s health, our community and our planet, children will have opportunities to interact with our natural surroundings, identify personal goals and reflections as global citizens, and understand the interconnectedness of our actions. Our students will learn to enthusiastically embrace the diversity of our community of families and utilize every resource available to create sustainable, creative solutions to real-world challenges.


Antigua Green School will promote equilibrium between personal, social, and environmental influences on each student’s educational development. This process extends to family life and Antigua Green School will work with parents and others to better understand their important role in finding this equilibrium and, ultimately, leading to the success of every student.


Antigua Green School fosters a community of mutual learners, enriched by forward-thinking initiatives, programs and facilities that enhance connections between students, families and staff. Our community will challenge in intellectual exploration, appreciate innovation and diversity, and celebrate the different values and interests that provide and strengthen the commitment to ourselves, our peers, and our future.

Continuous Improvement

Antigua Green School will continuously prove itself as a model for excellence in modern education by embracing new theories and technologies, employing and revisiting best practices, and sharing our successes and challenges with our community. We will recognize change as necessary to effective development and we will critically review any idea or information that may influence our approach. Our staff will exemplify the school values that we expect in each of our students, so that we all may move forward together.